Best Treatment to Get Rid of Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain?

How to Get Rid of Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain?

Thousands of people worldwide suffer from Lower Back Pain today. It does not matter it comes from injury, illness, old age or any other reasons. Analysis shows that 30 to 60 year old are usually suffer from lower back pain. Most people will have some form of back pain at some stage in their lives.

Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain have different conditions for every person. Some people suffer from pain for short period of time for few days or weeks. On the other hand for some people this become critical condition because they have to live for years in this pain condition, this is such a bad experience of life. Long term pain sometimes affects our personal life. We lose many life changing opportunities because of back pain or any kind of pain or other injuries.

As lower back Pain sometime creates difficult situation in life, we have to take it seriously. Back is the main part of our body. Lower spine is one of the most important parts of your body. Without it, you couldn’t stand upright or straight. It allows you to move about freely and to bend with flexibility. This is why keeping your spine healthy and understanding your lower spine and lumbar spine pain is vital if you want to live an active life.

Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain?

Causes of Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain:

It is difficult to count all the factors, but some major factors are mentioned below:

Osteoporosis – A condition where bones become weak, brittle and are more likely to break.

Fracture – A crack or break in one of the bone in your back is the reason of lower back pain.

Common reasons – Some common reasons are standing for long time, bending down accidentally, sitting for long hours also leads to lower back pain.

Stress – Stress also cause for back pain.

Overweight – Many time this condition occur, we have to pick individually overweight equipment’s.

Treatment for Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain:

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Top 3 Tips for Lumbar Spine Exercises of Back Pain and Neck pain

umbar Spinal StenosisLumbar spine, also known as a “lower back” is one of the easiest places to be injured if the muscles are weak. There are 3 major back pain exercises adapted for this particular region that is stabilizing, concentric and stretching exercises.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – Narrowing of the Spine

Stabilization exercises

Exercise ball bridges

Exercise ball bridges is an advanced form of stabilization exercises that presents the unpredictable movements of the body must respond to the production of an exercise ball movements. It strengthens Erector spine muscles that run along the lumbar spine, which works in conjunction with the rest of the core muscles to stabilize the spine and torso during the movement. Lie on your back with both feet on the ball and knees bent, contract your abs and tighten the buttock muscles to lift your hips from two to three inches from the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat for 8 to 10 repetitions.

Concentric exercises

Causes of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Back extension

Back extension is a perfect concentric exercises to strengthen the lumbar spine. In this exercise, lumbar spine remains in a neutral position throughout while arch spine in extension. As a result, it strengthens the Erector spine, contracting it for a length shortening, which is also called “concentric”. Find a comfortable flat surface that provides enough clearance and enable them to establish their feet, it is better to sit bench. Lying face down, clasp both hands behind your neck and waist bending up and down slow and steady movement. Hold each position for 30 seconds and repeat for 8 to 10 repetitions.

Stretching exercises

Pelvic Tilt

Non-Surgical Treatment for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Stretching exercises, when done correctly allows gentle stretching back muscles to support the spine and provide assistance to the back. Pelvic Tilt consists of very gentle movements to strengthen the muscles around the lower back. They are recommended to develop support for the lower back and abdomen. Lie on the floor, knees pointing up, breathe deeply and as you exhale, the belly will shrink, thus pulling him to the floor. This movement will cause light stretch in your lower back muscles.

Although waist stretch exercise may help reduce pain, often only temporary, and the only solution is to remove the factors that cause them to get long-term relieContact Orange County Clinic Imagef.

Therefore, we hope that our proposed exercises will be good for your back pain that you have.

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Lumbar Pain Treatment Relief And Clinics In California(OC)

Who lumbar pain treatment you need will vary depending on what you are trying to treat, because there are many conditions that may affect the lower back area; Listed below are therapies that may be used by those who have a herniated disc, pinched nerve, or piriformis syndrome. Treatments vary from medication, epidural injections lumbar massage waist and lower back exercises. While some of these treatments and therapies may be used in all three conditions, not all of them can be.
Epidural Steroid Injections
These injections of steroids into the back of a fast-acting numbing agent, and sometimes without pain drugs and this type of treatment can be used in place of oral medications for back pain relief. Lumbar injections are given to the doctor’s office using television X-ray proper needle location. The downside of this treatment is if your medication is not lasting long enough you may not continue treatment, because it is best if you do not have more than 3 injections per year.

Epidural steroid injections may be used to treat the following:
-Pinched Nerves
-Herniated Discs
-Piriformis Syndrome
Massage Therapy
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If the piriformis muscle injury case, this is your best bet to reduce your pain for a long time. Although drugs can easily hide their pain they are not something that you can keep using indefinitely. Stretch and exercise your body this area can help improve your flexibility, strength and range of motion.

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Exercise and stretching can be used to treat the following:
Nervous -Pinched
-Herniated Drive
-Piriformis Syndrome
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There are many types of medications that can be used if you are experiencing lower back pain, and they are not only “pain drugs. Your doctor also you can appoint anti-inflammatory drug, anti-muscle spasm medication and anti-depressants, depending on your symptoms and the main the cause of death, due to their pain. In view of the over the counter medication of some commonly used ones, which can be used to reduce the pain and swelling of the case are Advil, Motrin, Aleve, or aspirin. If you are not experiencing any swelling you’ll be a better use of Tylenol, as it is gentler on the stomach.
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Lumbar massage has been shown to be very effective to reduce back pain for some people. This can not only help reduce your back pain, it can also promote healing by increasing blood circulation to the affected area of damage. There are many types of massages that can be used such as reflexology, acupressure, therapeutic touch, or deep tissue. If you are at all unsure what style lumbar massage to suit your needs, you can talk to your physical therapist or doctor.
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Massage therapy can be used to treat the following:
-Pinched Nerves
-Piriformis Syndrome
Exercise and Stretching
With the help of an experienced physical therapist or doctor should be exercising and stretching your lower back muscles, and thus can increase strength and flexibility, in that area, and you can see a decrease in pain in your lower back is better able to support your body. These lower back exercises and stretches can easily make 10-15 minutes, although it can feel very well at first, if you’re doing it properly you should notice a decrease in your pain within a week or two.

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If your pain is severe, you may need to use drugs or pain when, for example, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-muscle spasm drugs, anti-depressants and alternatives. You will need to discuss with your doctor what your options are.

The drugs can be used to treat the following:
-Pinched Nerves
-Herniated Discs
-Piriformis Syndrome
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A certain amount of rest can be very useful, depending on what your state. If you are dealing with a pulled muscle or muscle spasm avoid things that can aggravate the damage can accelerate the healing process. Recreation, unfortunately, does not mean staying in bed for two weeks; where in all probability if it is to make your back pain increase.
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Lumbar Foraminotomy – Treat Pressure Caused By Stenosis

The space within the spinal canal may narrow without producing any symptoms. However, if narrowing places pressure on the spinal cord, cauda equina, or nerve roots, there may be a slow onset and progression of symptoms. The neck or back may or may not hurt. More often, people experience numbness, weakness, cramping, or general pain in the arms or legs. If the narrowed space within the spine is pushing on a nerve root, people may feel pain radiating down the leg (sciatica). Sitting or flexing the lower back should relieve symptoms. (The flexed position “opens up” the spinal column, enlarging the spaces between vertebrae at the back of the spine.) Flexing exercises are often advised, along with stretching and strengthening exercises.

People with more severe stenosis may have problems with bowel and bladder function and foot disorders. For example, cauda equina syndrome is a severe, and very rare, form of spinal stenosis. It occurs due to compression of the cauda equina, and symptoms may include loss of control of the bowel, bladder, or sexual function and/or pain, weakness, or loss of feeling in one or both legs. Lumbar Foraminotomy is a serious condition requiring urgent medical attention.

How Is Spinal Stenosis Diagnosed?

Medical history—the patient tells the doctor details about symptoms and about any injury, condition, or general health problem that might be causing the symptoms.

Physical examination—the doctor (1) examines the patient to determine the extent of limitation of movement, (2) checks for pain or symptoms when the patient hyperextends the spine (bends backwards), and (3) checks for normal neurologic function (for instance, sensation, muscle strength, and reflexes) in the arms and legs.

X ray—an x-ray beam is passed through the back to produce a two-dimensional picture. An x ray may be done before other tests to look for signs of an injury, tumor, or inherited problem. This test can show the structure of the vertebrae and the outlines of joints, and can detect calcification.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)—energy from a powerful magnet (rather than x rays) produces signals that are detected by a scanner and analyzed by computer. This produces a series of cross-sectional images (“slices”) and/or a three-dimensional view of parts of the back. An MRI is particularly sensitive for detecting damage or disease of soft tissues, such as the disks between vertebrae or ligaments. It shows the spinal cord, nerve roots, and surrounding spaces, as well as enlargement, degeneration, or tumors.

Computerized axial tomography (CAT)—x rays are passed through the back at different angles, detected by a scanner, and analyzed by a computer. This produces a series of cross-sectional images and/or three-dimensional views of the parts of the back. The scan shows the shape and size of the spinal canal, its contents, and structures surrounding it.

Myelogram—a liquid dye that x rays cannot penetrate is injected into the spinal column. The dye circulates around the spinal cord and spinal nerves, which appear as white objects against bone on an x-ray film. A myelogram can show pressure on the spinal cord or nerves from herniated disks, bone spurs, or tumors.

Bone scan—an injected radioactive material attaches itself to bone, especially in areas where bone is actively breaking down or being formed. The test can detect fractures, tumors, infections, and arthritis, but may not tell one disorder from another. Therefore, a bone scan is usually performed along with other tests.

Who Treats Spinal Stenosis?

Nonsurgical treatment of spinal stenosis may be provided by internists or general practitioners. The disorder is also treated by specialists such as rheumatologists, who treat arthritis and related disorders; and neurologists, who treat nerve diseases. Orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons also provide nonsurgical treatment and perform spinal surgery if it is required. Allied health professionals such as physical therapists may also help treat patients.

What Are Some Nonsurgical Treatments for Spinal Stenosis?

In the absence of severe or progressive nerve involvement, a doctor may prescribe one or more of the following conservative treatments:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen (Motrin, Nuprin, Advil), or indomethacin (Indocin), to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

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